Challenging Ideas On Valuable Systems Of Wedding Shoes

vendor I enjoyed the clarity I had over my actions and thoughts. Whether couples choose to abstain from liquor or marijuana is simply a recreational preference, these so-called cannabis couples from all walks of life and generations want to be able to consume and serve weed like alcohol at one of the biggest days of their lives. Some couples want to show guests theyre comfortable with changing times and provide marijuana as an option-- even if they arent cannabis connoisseurs themselves. One Colorado bride took a hit of cannabis to help reduce anxiety before walking down the aisle, said McDonald. It allowed her to focus on the moment instead of worrying about whatever anyone else might be thinking. But weed weddings arent laid-back affairs. Just as they do for any wedding, couples seeking a successful weed wedding have to plan for one. They have to find a pot-friendly venue and vendors, and they must consider how cannabis will affect their guests and the overall atmosphere. Some choose to have budtenders behind cannabars on hand to roll joints, load up pipes and bongs, give advice on edibles and guide newbies. Good budtenders ensure that their guests know what to expect when consuming cannabis, keep an eye on consumption and look for signs of overuse or intoxication, says Andrew Mieure, owner of Top Shelf Budtending , a mobile budtender service based in Colorado. Mieure shops with his clients for the perfect cannabis strains or infused products at a legal cannabis dispensary, and he educates guests and promotes safe use at their events. Expand / Contract Guests enjoy a different type of cocktail at the reception. (Courtesy Lindsay Minerva) My favorite part is the guests reactions, says Bec Koop, founder of Denver-based full-service weed wedding planning and florist business, Irie Weddings and Events ,a weed wedding planning company.People are shocked, surprised and often very curious. Koop uses specific strains based on their hues for floral arrangements.

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