Thoughts On Finding Factors In Wedding Guests

I can't have anyone proposing at MY wedding. Sorry.

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Couple celebrate their 77th wedding anniversary after husband saved wife from drowning 79 years ago

Joan almost drowned before Ernie pulled her to safety (Image: Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror) “I had come out of the water and Joan was the only one still splashing about. I just happened to turn around and couldn’t see her, so I panicked and dived in and grabbed her. “She was breathing, but she was in a terrible state, it’s lucky she didn’t drown.” Joan, 93, added: “Ernie was my knight in shining armour that day and he hasn’t changed a bit. We get on really well with each other. We have a few arguments, but they fizzle out when we go to bed – that’s a rule between us.” Ernie says the secret to a happy marriage is "not making arguments personal" (Image: Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror) Great-great-grandparents Joan and Ernie became friends while attending the same school. Joan said: “One day Ernie and his friends offered all us girls sweets outside school. He asked me, “would you like one of my toffees?’. “I had refused to take sweets from any other boys, but I said “ooh yes please”. I can still remember that moment. If he had never given me the sweet, none of our family would have been born.” Their relationship turned to love following the life-changing incident at Pitsea Creek, near their home in Basildon, Essex. The start of their relationship came when Ernie offered Joan a toffee at school (Image: Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror) Horrifying life of the Sugar Plum Fairy: Gruelling regime includes SEVEN HOURS of training a day to reach pirouette perfection The childhood sweethearts married in 1940 when she was 16 and Ernie 17.

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